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Regional Committees


Our mission

  • Advocate for all aspects of LAS in the region with particular attention to developing countries.
  • Foster the establishment and support the development of LAS associations within the region.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate links within local, national, or regional associations as well as other organizations concerned with LAS.
  • Publicize ICLAS programs so as to encourage LAS associations and other organizations within the region to see the value of ICLAS membership.
  • Promote the recognition of ICLAS as the LAS international “umbrella” organization.
  • Improve communications and encourage the exchange of information between associations within the region and with other regions around the world.
  • Identify needs within the region and devise strategies to address them.
  • Support educational and scientific programs in the region.

Committee Members

  • Hanna-Marja Voipio (chair)
  • Manuel Berdoy
  • Jussi Helppi
  • Javier Guillen
  • Marina Krasilshchikova
  • Martina Perše

Nota Bene: The ICLAS ERC is open to any person interested in furthering the aims of LAS in Europe. Please contact the chair for further information.

The FELASA-ICLAS Liaison Body

The task of the Liaison Body is to explore and develop activities of mutual interest that may benefit the global progress in any area of laboratory animal science. This may be achieved by cooperation in working groups, scientific meetings, and any other joint activity that is considered appropriate by both organizations.



  • Lynn Anderson (co-chair of Education and Training committee)
  • Manuel Berdoy (co-chair of European Regional committee)
  • Hanna-Marja Voipio (Chair of European Regional Committee)


  • Marcel Gyger   (Chair of FELASA Education and Training Board)
  • Belen Pintado   (Vice President International Liaisons)
  • Ana Isabel Santos  (FELASA president)

Our other regional committees.


Asia & India