Regional Committees


Our mission

  • The ARC promotes and coordinates development of Laboratory Animal Science (LAS) in the Americas,
    focusing on Central and South America and the Caribbean
  • Encourage activities that promote LAS
  • Encourage participation from all countries in the region
  • Promote sponsored travel awards
  • Promote Latin America LAS seminars at national AALAS meeting
  • Work with other ICLAS regional committees to exchange ideas and promote opportunities for international sharing
  • Maintain the ARC structure

Committee Members

  • Marcel Frajblat, Brazil (co-chair)
  • Marcus Litman, Canada (co-chair)
  • Ekaterina Rivera, Brazil
  • Cynthia Pekow, USA
  • Lynn Anderson, USA
  • Cory Brayton, USA

Contacts for associations

Our other regional committees.