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Regional Committees Activities for Europe

Fellowhip training program

Coordinator of this program: Javier Guillen.

There will be at least 3 training programs / year (one for a laboratory animal technician, one for a laboratory animal facility manager / welfare officer, one for a laboratory animal scientist).

Candidates would either propose a project or ask for the ICLAS ERC help to get an appropriate site where they will follow their traineeship.

ICLAS ERC will select the most appropriate candidates on the basis of their application, to build traineeship programs with professionals and to find long term sponsors so that these actions remain overtime and help as many people as possible to get the training that they are unable to get without the technical/ scientific and financial help from ICLAS.


ICLAS ERC works at improving the spread of informations from ICLAS to the European members.

In June 2012, the “International harmonization of guidance on the ethical review of proposals for the use of animals, and on the education and training of animal users in science” were translated in french and published in STAL, the only french speaking LAS journal distributed in all french speaking countries around Europe and the world.

One of our objective is also to encourage and obtain the application of new european ICLAS members during the 4 years of our mandate.
You are welcome to help us on this mission too, if you think you can give us useful information regarding potential new members (Scientific members but also National, Institutional, or Associate members; see ICLAS Flyer 2011).

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