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ICLAS Membership List

National,  Scientific/Union, Institutional, Associate or Affiliate

All our members in a row:

National Members
Countries, to be represented by an appropriate national body, concerned with the direction and encouragement of scientific research, within the scope of interest of ICLAS, and which are recognized as such by the Governing Board.
Scientific/Union Members
Laboratory animal science associations, scientific societies/scientific unions and other relevant organizations which contribute to the work of ICLAS and which are recognized as such by the Governing Board.
Institutional members
Non-commercial organizations such as academic institutions or research institutes that support the aims of ICLAS and are recognized as such by the GB.
Associate Members
Commercial organizations in sympathy with the aims of ICLAS, which may be admitted to Associate Membership on payment of such annual dues and continue their membership on such conditions as the Governing Board may from time to time prescribe. They are not eligible for the GB.
Affiliate members
Organizations with which ICLAS has reciprocal relationship. They are not eligible for the GB.

National Members




Brazil, Canada, Cuba, USA


India, Iran, Japan (Science Council of Japan), South Korea, Thailand


Australia, New Zealand


Austria, Finland, Germany,  Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden

Scientific Members

AAALAC International

Algerian Association
of Experimental Animal Sciences

American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

Animal Care and Use in Research, Education and Training

Asociación Argentina de Ciencia y Tecnología de Animales de Laboratorio

Asociación Chilena en Ciencias y Tecnología de Animales de Laboratorio

Asociación para la Ciencia de Animales de Laboratorio de Guatemala

Asociación Colombiana para la Ciencia y Bienestar del Animal de Laboratorio

Asociación Uruguaya de Ciencia y Tecnología de Animales de Laboratorio

Association Française des Sciences et Techniques de l’ Animal de Laboratoire

Associazione Italiana per le Scienze degli Animali da Laboratorio

Australia and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association

Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Chinese -Taipei Society of Laboratory Animal Sciences

Federación de Asociaciones y Sociedades Hispanas de América del Norte, Centroamérica y el Caribe de la Ciencia de los Animales de Laboratorio

Finland Laboratory Animal Science

Georgian Association for Laboratory Animal Science

Gesellschaft für Versuchstierkunde – German Society for Laboratory Animal Science

Associate Members


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Aula Virtual Bioterio

Cerberus Sciences
Charles River Laboratories, Inc
CHUGAI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Union Members

International Union of Physiological Sciences

International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology

International Union of Immunological Societies

Institutional Members


Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer


Alexandria University


Cairo University


Central Institute for Experimental Animals


Centro de Biologia da Reprodução – Campus Universitário, Juiz de Fora-Minas Gerais


Asian Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations

Peruvian Association for the Use and Welfare of Animals in Research and Education

Federation of South American Societies for Laboratory Animal Science

Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations

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