Regional Committees


Our mission

  • To promote and coordinate the development of Laboratory Animal Science throughout the world and particularly in developing countries
  • To promote international collaboration in Laboratory Animal Science
  • To promote quality definition and monitoring of Laboratory Animals
  • To collect and disseminate information on Laboratory Animal Science
  • To promote world-wide harmonization in the care and use of laboratory animals
  • To promote the humane use of animals in research through recognition of ethical principles and scientific responsibilities
  • To promote the ‘3R’ tenets of Russell and Burch

Committee Members

  • Chair: Montip Gettayacamin (Thailand)
  • Atsuchi Iriki (Japan)
  • Arvind Ingle (India)
  • Nobu Hayashimoto (Japan)


Application for financial support for 2022 activities:

  • Download the application form. Deadline for the submission to Dr. Montip ( is September 1st, 2021. In addition, please provide sufficient detail of anticipated expenditure.

2020 Activities:

2019 Activities:

  • Report and pictures of the PALAS Workshop on Laboratory Animal Use on 9th to 10th August 2019
  • Report and pictures of the CALAS training workshop
  • Report of the LASA (2017 funding)
  • CALAS, PALAS, KALAS, TALAS: AALAS Technician Training Scholarship (on going and pending Global Partner status of CALAS)

2018 Activity

  • Report of the CALAS Training Workshop, initially planned for 2018, finally conducted in January 2019.
  • Report from LASA-India on the 2018 AFLAS Congress.

2017 Activity
ICLAS and CALAS co-organized a High Level Management Training in Beijing on July 10-12, 2017. A group photo of all speakers and participants:

  • Report of 2017 Activity: Publication on the Certificate Course in Sri Lanka
  • Report of 2016 Activity: AFLAS - SALAS Congress Singapore
  • Report of 2015 Activity: TALAS International Symposium

Our other regional committees.


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