ICLAS is an international scientific organization dedicated to advancing human and animal health and well-being by promoting the
ethical care and use of laboratory animals in research worldwide

ICLAS is officially registered in Belgium

The aims of ICLAS

  • Promote ethical principles, scientific responsibilities, and animal welfare in research and education
  • Advance collaboration within the global Laboratory Animal Science community
  • Advocate for the advancement of Laboratory Animal Science in developing countries and regions
  • Be a global resource for Laboratory Animal Science knowledge and best practices


Download the ICLAS Brochure 

ICLAS History

the history of ICLAS authored by Erichsen and Hopla

ICLAS Awards

An overview of all awards

Governing Board

President: Jussi Helppi (GV-SOLAS, Germany.)

VicePresident: Atsushi Iriki (Japan)

Secretary General: Marcel Frajblat (SBAL, Brazil)

Treasurer: Hanna-Marja Voipio (Fin-LAS, Finland)

National Representatives: Ouajdi Souilem (Tunisia), Pierre Verreault (Canada), Jim Webster (New Zealand), Johannes Wilbertz (Sweden)

Scientific/Union Representatives: Abdelouafi Benmouloud (AASEA, Algeria),Cory Brayton (ACLAM, United States), Rick Huneke (AALAS, United States), Barney Reed (LASA, United Kingdom), Micaela Ricca (ASOCHITAL, Chile), Ana Isabel de Moura Santos (SPCAL, Portugal)

Institutional Representatives: Nobuhito Hayashimoto (CIEA,Japan),Arvind Ingle (ACTREC, India)

2023 ICLAS General Assembly Documents

The 2023 ICLAS General Assembly took place on 21 of October in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. The link below contains the Treasurer's report, Review of past activities and the results of the Election to the New Goberning Board.

- Minutes 

-Audit Report

2022 ICLAS General Assembly Documents

The 2022 ICLAS General Assembly took place on 16 June in Marseille, France. 

- Minutes 

- Audit Report

- Presentation GA 2022

2022 ICLAS Strategic Plan

ICLAS has adopted a new Strategic Plan. You can see the current status of Goals, Strategies and Tasks here.

2021 ICLAS General Assembly Documents

The 2021 ICLAS General Assembly took place virtually on 16 October. 

- Minutes 

- Audit Report

- Financial Report

- Treasurer´s Report