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Why join the ICLAS network:

  • ICLAS members are part of a network of national and international organizations that promotes basic harmonization in standards for Laboratory Animal Science, with a priority of encouraging quality animal-based science in developing nations.
  • Through ICLAS, members have a voice in respected international science unions and agencies such as the OIE, ISC, CIOMS and UNESCO. A successful outcome of these collaborations is the recent publication of the CIOMS-ICLAS International Guiding Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Animals.
  • Harmonization and promotion of standards of laboratory animal quality, care, and ethical consideration benefit the ability to collaborate internationally, and improve confidence in accepting science protocols conducted across nations.
  • Research facilities and laboratories participating in the ICLAS Laboratory Animal Quality Network (LAQN) and Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) are directly assisted in validating the microbiological and genetic quality of their research animals.
  • At scientific meetings organized by an ICLAS member, individual members of other organisations affiliated to ICLAS will be offered the same registration fee offered to the members of the organizing association.
  • Members benefit additionally in having access to financial support from ICLAS to complement their efforts to develop and disseminate training and education programs, as well as opportunities for participation in established programs of regional educational fellowships and travel awards.
  • The sum of these benefits is that ICLAS members can play an active role in the process of improving Laboratory Animal Science, with a goal of aiding medical advances to benefit people and animals.

ICLAS memberships

National Members

Countries, to be represented by a person appointed by an appropriate national body, concerned with the direction and encouragement of scientific research, within the scope of interest of ICLAS, and which are recognized as such by the Governing Board. Currently there are 26 National Members.

Scientific/Union Members

Laboratory animal science associations, scientific societies/scientific unions and other acceptable organizations which contribute to the work of ICLAS and which are recognized as such by the Governing Board. Currently there are 37 Scientific Members and 5 Union Members

Institutional members

Universities, research institutes, or other non-commercial organizations that support the aims of ICLAS and are recognized as such by the Governing Board. Currently there are 14 Institutional Members.

Associate Members

Organizations in sympathy with the aims of ICLAS. Currently there are 21 Associate Members

Affiliate members

Organizations with which ICLAS has reciprocal relationship.
The designated representatives of ICLAS members (National, Scientific, Union, Institutional) are eligible to serve on the Governing Board. Elections are held every 4 years. To learn more about the role and responsibilities of the Governing Board, please read the summary found here

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