Regional Committees


Our mission

The Oceania Regional Committee is an initiative of ICLAS with the aim of collaborating with the local professionals and associations in the development of Laboratory Animal Science in the region.

The committee is currently identifying the most suitable activities to develop. They are discussing the possibility of enabling educational activities in the region to assist with veterinarians taking up ICLAS Fellowship Grants and have others gain access to training.

Committee Members

  • Jim Webster (Chair), New Zealand.
  • Jodi Salinsky, New Zealand.
  • Patrick Sharp, Australia
  • Vanessa Borman, New Zealand.
  • Mike King, New Zealand.
  • Titus Zindove, New Zealand.


Openness Statement

Openness is vital to ensure that the public have well-informed, balanced information about the role animal-based research plays in scientific discovery benefiting humans, animals, and the environment. 


Knowing how animals are used, how research is regulated, and what researchers, animal ethics committees, and animal care staff do to promote positive animal welfare, decrease the number of animals used, and replace the use of animals is crucial to an informed ethical understanding of animal-based research.


ICLAS Oceania does not conduct animal-based research, but is a signatory to the Openness Agreement on Animal Research and Teaching in New Zealand, which we regard as a lynchpin of ethical animal-based research. We support all efforts of signatories to fulfil and promote the commitments in the Openness Agreement. We also support other organisations to join us, and others, as signatories

Activities funded by ICLAS:

  • ANZCCART NZ – to bring an international speaker to the Conference July 2021 in Queenstown here.
    See the report of the funded activity here
  • ANZCCART – to support the development of a competency certification for training and certification in skills concerning the care and use of laboratory animals

Regional Guidance Documents

New Zealand Animal Welfare Resource: click here

New Zealand Animal Research Resources: click here

International Regulations: click here

Committee Meetings

2023 Meetings: March 6th minutes;   June 16th minutes; September 25th minutes.

Meeting 23 March 2021: Minutes; Meeting 16 August 2021: Minutes; Meeting 24 November 2021: Minutes

Meeting 13 February 2020: Minutes; Meeting 29 May 2020: Minutes; Meeting 9 November 2020: Minutes

Our other regional committees.