ICLAS Grant for Training the Trainer in LAS Education in Europe

ICLAS Grant for Training the Trainer in LAS Education in Europe

ICLAS supports, in collaboration with FELASA, proposals of up to 2000 euros for helping those who aim to be instrumental in the establishment of courses for any of the EU functions according to the Directive 2010/63/EU (or equivalent requirements in countries out of the European Union). Preference is given to applicants from European countries with higher need to develop a well-established education and training system.  The activity is designed with the mid or long-term goal of producing a training course that eventually fulfils FELASA accreditation requirements.

Deadline for 2024 applications is March 8th, 2023. Applications must be submitted to info@iclas.org according to the instructions below.

Background to the Scheme:

ICLAS is dedicated to advancing human and animal health by promoting the ethical care and use of laboratory animals in research worldwide. ICLAS has six Regional Committees to help ensure diffusion of scientific knowledge within all regions of the world.  To address the uneven distribution in availability of educational resources within Europe, the Europe ICLAS Regional Committee has launched, together with FELASA, the following scheme in order to promote the development of high quality programs according to FELASA guidelines.   This scheme is directed mainly, but not exclusively, to countries that would like to further develop the infrastructure of high quality education and training programs at a national level.

Activities supported by the Scheme:

More specifically, the types of activities that the scheme will fund include:

  • Attendance (travel expenses or/and registration) of course organizer(s) to a FELASA accredited course in Europe with the aim of gaining direct insight of the structure and organization of such courses.
  • Travel expenses of a FELASA accredited course provider to the applicant country  to help  develop a training program suitable for FELASA accreditation
  • Travel expenses of experienced teachers  to cover the gaps of an already existing course in order to cover the full requirements of a FELASA accredited course
  • The joint venture between an accredited course and a course organizer from an eligible country to establish a new course.

Criteria for Eligibility:

In addition to the above:

1) Any applicant from Europe is eligible.

2) As part of the condition of the grant, the grantee agrees to submit to ICLAS a short report on the outcome of the activity not later than 4 after weeks after the action. This report will be posted in the ICLAS website once the grantee gives permission. The report should not include personal data.

Applications should be written in English and contain the following:

  • A cover letter, which should include information on the proposed activity. The statement should provide details of the course visited or developed, indicate what the candidate is hoping to gain, how he/she would use the knowledge and experience to be acquired, how that knowledge would be used as part of a training program.
  • A Curriculum Vitae, maximum of 2 pages in length, with emphasis on laboratory animal science training and experience.
  • Budget of the expenses.

Reports from 2022 Grantees

Report from Melanie Humpenoder

Report from Ana Machado

Report from Laila Silamiķele

Report from Fulvio Magara

Report from Aurora Brønstad

Report from Otto Kalliokoski

Report from Fetene Tekle

Applications and queries should be addressed to info@iclas.org

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