Education and Training Committee

Our goals

The mission of the ICLAS Education Committee is to promote and harmonize education and training in laboratory animal science, particularly in regions of the world where such opportunities are lacking or few.


Chair: Arvind Ingle (India)
 Lynn Anderson (USA)
 Hanna-Marja Voipio (Finland)
 Cory Brayton (USA)
 Abdelouafi Benmouloug (Algeria) 

1.) Assess needs of ICLAS members with regard to education/training

  • Review survey sent by the ICLAS President for comments pertaining to this committee
  • Survey via each Regional Committee
  •     - What educational activities, programs, or resources are in place or desired?

        - What activities or programs or resources now in place could be assisted or expanded?

        - How can ICLAS help?

2.) Strengthen Regional programs

  • communicate with regional committee chairs to learn how we can be of assistance
  • how can national lab animal science associations in each region be of help?
  •     - list the organizations by region, identify how to contact

        - contact the organizations for information or with specific requests

  • what successful elements of the regional committees can be used as a blueprint for other regional committees
  •     - travel awards

        - seminars at prominent meetings in the region featuring speakers recruited from ICLAS member nations

        - training fellowship programs

        - assist regions in promoting governmental support for laboratory animal science programs and development

3.) Provide assistance to regions for setting up training and certification programs for laboratory animal care staff/research staff/veterinary staff/laboratory animal specialists

  • seek assistance from groups with established training or certification programs and professional testing services on drawing up the blueprint
  •     - examples: IACLAM, ACLAM, AALAS, FELASA

  • ensure that the program has a solid basis applicable to positions in the region

  •     - survey of people in the job or position to be certified

            - tasks performed/importance

            - knowledge required/importance

            - skills required/importance

        - laws/regulations governing the work

  • obtain and share step by step plans for how programs were initiated and maintained
  •     - setting program objectives

        - establishing institutional support

        - recruiting trainers

  • obtain and share instructions on how to create a certification exam
  •     - setting question domains

        - how to write questions

        - exam question bank

            - setting difficulty metrics

            - maintaining the bank

        - exam administration

            - security

            - testing methods

4.) Decide what role the Education Committee should play in promoting public education/understanding of Laboratory Animal Science

5.) Set Education Committee membership, terms

  • expertise needed
  • meeting methods (Skype?) and frequency of meeting
  • budget needs