10 juli 2020 
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ICLAS European Grants for 2020 given

The ICLAS European Regional Committee has communicated the decision on the 2020 ICLAS Visiting Grant for Professional Development in LAS and the ICLAS Grant for Training the Trainer in LAS Education. The awardees and host institutions/courses are as follows:

Visiting Grant for Professional Development:

  • Kaja Blagotinšek Cokan, from Slovenia, will visit the Comparative Biology Centre, Medical School, Newcastle University,
  • Gabriela Dumitrita Stanciu, from Romania, will visit the Faculty of Medicine, Sorbonne University, Paris.
  • Mariia Shepeliuk, from Russia, will visit the Trinity College, Dublin.

Grant for Training the Trainer:

  • Melanie Humpenöder, from Germany, will attend the Course at the University of Zurich, for persons responsible for directing animal experiments

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of these activities may be postponed to 2021.

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