25 maart 2021 
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ICLAS European Grants now open

The two ICLAS European Grants are now open, deadline for submission of applications is 1st May 2021.

The ICLAS Visiting Grant for Professional Development in LAS in Europe is available to individuals from European countries/areas in the process of developing modern standards of animal care and use. The objective of the grants is to acquire new knowledge and/or technical competences in the care and use of laboratory animals. This can be achieved in one of the host institutions proposed by ICLAS or in an institution proposed by the applicant. More information on: https://iclas.org/regional-fellowship-training-program/

The ICLAS Grant for Training the Trainer in LAS Education in Europe, in collaboration with FELASA, supports proposals for helping those who aim to be instrumental in the establishment of courses for any of the EU functions according to the Directive 2010/63/EU (or equivalent requirements in countries out of the European Union). Preference is given to applicants from European countries with higher need to develop a well-established education and training system.  The activity is designed with the mid or long-term goal of producing a training course that eventually fulfils FELASA accreditation requirements. More information on: https://iclas.org/sponsorship-for-education-and-training-europe/

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