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11 April 2021 


The certification program of FESAHANCCAL (FEDERACIÓN DE SOCIEDADES DE ASOCIACIONES HISPANAS DE AMÉRICA DEL NORTE CENTROAMÉRICA Y EL CARIBE DE LA CIENCIA DE LOS ANIMALES DE LABORATORIO) in Spanish seeks to develop or enhance highly specific professional skills in all relevant areas in laboratory animal welfare that allow reaching a level of excellence, providing the necessary knowledge, tools and professional recognition to people who work with laboratory animals. Both certifications will be valid for those interested in Laboratory Animal Sciences in the Central American and Caribbean region. The coverage area will cover the geographical limits from the Rio Grande to the Panama Canal, including the countries of the Caribbean Sea. Applicants from other countries will be able to access the certification, but the validity will not be extensive without an agreement in advance.

Those interested can opt for 2 levels of certification:

1) Laboratory Animal Care Technician: consists of 16 thematic units.

2) Researcher / user of Laboratory Animals: consists of the 16 thematic units for Laboratory Animal Care Technician plus 6 advanced thematic units.

All levels of the certification exams will be offered as a pencil and paper exam at the end of this year.

For the preparation of the exam, FeSAHANCCCAL is offering those interested a free virtual course starting in April 2021 with the contents of each thematic unit virtually through the Zoom platform of Fesahancccal by experts from each of the member countries. This open course will cover all the contents of the exam, and will be available free at FeSAHANCCCAL YouTube channel. For more information contact: and

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