Performance Evaluation Program for Diagnostic Laboratories (PEP)


PEP was established in 2007 to enable research animal diagnostic laboratories to monitor and improve their diagnostic performance through a process of self-assessment.

The Program is open to any diagnostic laboratory worldwide. There are no specific eligibility requirements. For a list of current participants, please click here.

Overview of Program

Participating laboratories are sent standardised rodent specimens produced by the Network laboratories.  For details on the current PEP Specimen Library click here.

Following analysis, participating laboratories request an ‘Expected Results’ report containing details of the actual biological contents of the specimens. A comparison of results enables the Participating lab to monitor and evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of its health monitoring assays.

PEP Specimen Production

See here details on production, characterization and quality control of PEP Specimens

Benefits of participating in PEP:

Improved Diagnostic Performance

use of a scientifically robust program to help you monitor the sensitivity and specificity of your lab’s health monitoring assays.


Support and advice

access to expert help and advice from the Network Laboratories.

Verification of participation

official Participation Certificate plus a web link from the Network’s PEP web page to your laboratory’s website.

Available Programs (mice and rat species):


1 annual shipment of 10 specimens



1 annual shipment of 10 specimens



1 annual shipment of 10 serology specimens + 10 microbiology specimens

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