PEP Application

Any diagnostic laboratory worldwide can participate. There are no specific eligibility requirements.

Availability and cost of  Programs

Serology program only

1 annual shipment of 10 specimens

participation fee = €1,860

Microbiology program only

1 annual shipment of 10 specimens

participation fee = € 1,650


1 annual shipment of 20 specimens
 participation fee = € 2,650


Shipments are made each November from the LAQ Specimen Distribution Center, Barcelona, Spain .

Import Regulations:

Specimens are shipped by World Courier who together with the Distribution Center will ensure that all of your country’s regulations in respect of the importation of biological specimens are fulfilled

Self- assessment:

PEP is a self-assessment program. Participating laboratories are not required to submit any reports of their results to the Network or any other agency. However, participating laboratories are free to discuss their findings with each other. In fact, we encourage participating laboratories to report any differences in results to help the Network laboratories monitor their own accuracy in specimen production.

When and how to  apply:
You can apply any time. Simply complete the PEP application form and return to us by email. However, please note that in order for us to accurately estimate total specimen requirements we can only accept confirmation of your wish to participate in the program on receipt of your participation fee.


When and how to pay.
On receipt of your application we will send you an invoice for the program(s) you have applied for. Pleases note that if you wish to be included in a November shipment we must receive your fee before the end of the previous June.

In Euros by cheque or bank transfer.

Further information.
For further information or clarification on any of the above, please contact Patri Vergara

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