Call for the 2016 European Fellowship Training Program now open

The European Regional Committee (ERC) of the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS) is glad to inform that the calls for the 2016 European Fellowship Training Awards are open. (see more)

This award is available to individuals from European countries/areas in the process of developing modern standards of animal care and use. The objective of the fellowships is to acquire new knowledge and/or technical competences in the care and use of laboratory animals. This can be achieved in one of the host institutions proposed by ICLAS or in an institution proposed by the applicant.

Fellowships can be awarded at three levels:

–          technician level (at least one per year)
–          animal facility manager/animal welfare officer/veterinarian level (at least one per year)
–          animal user scientist level (at least one per year).

Call for the 2016 Veterinary Scholarship Program now open

ICLAS is now accepting applications for the 2016 Veterinary Scholarship Program.
This program provides support for veterinarians who desire training in laboratory animal science and medicine, but who come from areas where this training is not readily available. A complete description of requirements and application materials can be found here.
Applications are due January 15, 2016. Awards will be announced February 15, 2016.

On-Line IACUC member training course debuts in Latin America

The ICLAS Americas Regional Committee reports that the first on-line course “IACUC Member Training for Latin American Countries” has just been successfully completed. Forty three students participated in the 10-week course, presented in Spanish, by the Aula Virtual Bioterio (AVB) www.labanimalstraining.com ICLAS provided a US$4000 grant to support development of the course. Participants from ICLAS member organizations or nations were offered discounted tuition. The course is presented in 6 modules: laws and regulations; working as an IACUC member; protocols and animal welfare, inspections, reports and audits; international perspectives; workshop with scenarios and teamwork.  The modules are presented on line, with video-conferencing. The format allows participation without the need for travel, and permits interactions and sharing of perspectives among IACUC members from different institutions and nations. Student evaluations at the end of the course praised the content and format, as well as the enthusiasm and helpfulness of the instructors.

AVB is currently enrolling students for the second edition of this course, set to begin in early November. As before, a limited number of scholarships for reduced tuition are available to participants from ICLAS member organizations or nations.

2015 Veterinary Scholarship Award Named

The 2015  AAALAC, International Harry Rozmiarek Memorial Award has been awarded to Muhammad Rafiq Dar, DVM, PhD, of Karachi, Pakistan. The €6000 award will support Dr. Rafiq to participate in the Certificate in Laboratory Animal Medicine program offered through the University of Guelph, in Canada (www.open.uoguelph.ca). He plans to begin studies in October.  Dr. Rafiq works at the Aga Khan University in Karachi, where he manages the research animal facility, provides training for researchers, and serves on the ethics committee. His plans for making use of the training include teaching faculty, students, and animal care staff about laboratory animal care and use, as well as providing workshops and seminars at a national level to share this knowledge. Without this scholarship support, Dr. Dar would not be able to afford this opportunity.


The Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC), International supports this ICLAS Veterinary Scholarship, in honor of the late Dr. Harry Rozmiarek, an active and influential volunteer in both AAALAC and ICLAS.  The ICLAS Veterinary Scholarships are designed to allow access to training for veterinarians from parts of the globe in which education in laboratory animal science and medicine is unavailable or difficult to obtain.  Information about applying for an ICLAS Veterinary Scholarship may be found here: http://iclas.org/committees/education-and-training-committee/iclas-scholarship-program-for-veterinarians-in-laboratory-animal-science-and-medicine

2015 General Assembly

The 2015 General Assembly has taken place in Montreal, Canada on 31 May 2015. In addition to the usual business, new elections for the Governing Board have been held. The results are as follows:

President: Patri Vergara (Spain)

VicePresident: Byung-Hwa Hyun (South Korea)

Secretary General: Cynthia Pekow (AALAS, USA)

Treasurer: Marion Berard (AFSTAL, France)

National Members: Gilly Griffin (Canada); Hansjoachim Hackbarth (Germany); Byung-Hwa Hyun (South Korea); Atsushi Iriki (Japan); Ekaterina Rivera (Brazil).

Scientific Members: Lynn Anderson (ACLAM, USA); Manuel Berdoy (LASA, UK); Qin Chuan (CALAS, China); Montip Gettayacamin (TALAS, Thailand); Javier Guillen (SECAL, Spain); Marcus Litman (CALAS, Canada);

Institutional Member: Esther van de Ven (UMC St. Radbound QM Diagnostics, The Netherlands)

2015 Call for Veterinary Scholarship Applications

The ICLAS Veterinary Scholarship Program is accepting applications from veterinarians who desire support for completing training in laboratory animal science and medicine, but who come from areas where this training is not readily available. A complete description of requirements and application materials can be found here:

Applications are due June 10, 2015. Awards will be announced May 15,2015.

AAALAC International to Sponsor the Harry Rozmiarek Memorial Scholarship Award

The Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC), International has generously promised to support two ICLAS Veterinary Scholarships, one in 2015 and one in 2016. The support is given in honor of the late Dr. Harry Rozmiarek, who was ICLAS Secretary General at the time of his sudden and unexpected death in June of 2013. Dr. Rozmiarek was a laboratory animal veterinarian who cared greatly about education in laboratory animal science and medicine. During his long and distinguished career, he took on many leadership positions in national and international organizations that promote the humane treatment of animals in science including AAALAC, AALAS, ACLAM, and ICLAS.  To honor and to continue the work that meant so much to him, the AAALAC, International Harry Rozmiarek Memorial Award will allow access to training for veterinarians from parts of the globe in which training in laboratory animal science and medicine is unavailable or difficult to obtain.  ICLAS is extremely grateful to AAALAC for supporting the scholarship program, and for memorializing Harry Rozmiarek in this most fitting manner.

First ICLAS Veterinary Scholarship Awarded

Dr. Marina Snitcofsky, a laboratory animal veterinarian from Argentina, is the first recipient of an ICLAS Veterinary Scholarship.  Dr. Snitcofsky will apply the financial support from ICLAS to her tuition in a Masters of Laboratory Animal Science program at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in Spain.  Her interests and research work have been in the area of neuroscience and animal welfare.  However, she found herself increasingly taking on responsibility for oversight of animal husbandry and production, training and supervising animal care personnel, and advising researchers on experimental design, sample size calculation, and animal research techniques. In addition, her university is planning a new research facility, and she was asked to assist with developing the new animal care and use program. Although she has attended workshops and meetings in the field, she felt the need to complete a training program that would provide her specific understanding of laboratory animal science and medicine, to carry out her increased responsibilities. However she could not find a local source for the necessary training. She chose the master’s degree program in Barcelona, because it fit her needs, and as a plus the coursework is offered in Spanish. As neither she nor her home research institute had the resources to pay for her participation, she applied to the ICLAS Veterinary Scholarship Program for support.  Upon completion of the program, Dr. Snitcofsky says she is particularly interested in teaching and training others at her own institution, as well as conducting workshops, courses, and conferences with the national laboratory animal science association (ACCyTAL) of Argentina.

European ICLAS Fellowship Program Open

The European Regional Committee (ERC) of the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS) is glad to inform that thanks to the funding provided by sponsors (Altromin, Charles River, Janvier Labs., SAFE, SDS and Tecniplast), new awards will be given in 2015. For more information on the program and access the application form please visit here.

Fellowships can be awarded at three levels:

–          technician level (at least one per year)
–          animal facility manager/animal welfare officer/veterinarian level (at least one per year)
–          animal user scientist level (at least one per year).

ICLAS is partner at next LAS BioConference Live

ICLAS will be again a non-profit partner at the next LAS BioConference Live to be held next 4-5 February 2015.

Information and registration available at: http://new.labroots.com/virtual-event/id/2

This is the premier online-only conference focused on laboratory animal science. The theme of this conference is Laboratory Animal Science in the 21st century; animal welfare and reduction of confounding factors in preclinical research with the following tracks:

  • Training and competency assessment
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity
  • Aquatics
  • Transportation

New FELASA-ICLAS Liaison Body

During the past FELASA Board meeting held on 16 november in St. Petersburg (Russia), Drs. Patri Vergara and Jan-Bas Prins, Presidents of ICLAS and FELASA respectively signed an agreement to establish a permanent Liaison Body to explore and develop activities of mutual interest that may benefit the global progress in any area of laboratory animal science.  See picture.

Successful Rus-LASA – ICLAS Scientific Meeting

The meeting co-organized by Rus-LASA and the European Regional Committee of ICLAS on 17-18 November  in St. Petersburg (Russia)  was a complete success. About 170 delegates participated in the meeting, with speakers from different countries across Europe. It was the largest ever meeting held in Russia. Rus-LASA has joined now FELASA as a full member.

Call for ICLAS Awards open

ICLAS is soliciting nominations for two awards to be presented at the General Assembly in association with the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science (CALAS/ACSAL) Symposium, May 30-June 2, 2015, in Montreal, Canada.  Nominations must be received by January 15, 2015. Any individual, association, or institution may nominate an individual for an award. See details here.

New ICLAS Genetic Monitoring Reference Program

With the short name of GENReference Program, ICLAS is launching this genetic monitoring program to enable research institutions worldwide (program participants) to check whether the specific strains of research animals they have developed are genetically sound and truly representative of their assumed genotype. Your opinion is important, please complete this survey.

ICLAS Scholarship Program for Veterinarians

ICLAS has launched a new Scholarship Program to enable veterinarians who live in areas without access to training and who lack the necessary funds to complete specified recoginzed training programs around the world. The program is sponsored by AAALAC International, AALAS, ACLAM, CALAS (Canada), ECLAM and IACLAM. All information available here.

2014 European Regional Fellowship Program

After the successful experience in 2013, the deadline for the 2014 European Fellowship Program is coming soon (1-March). Laboraotry Animal Professionals are encouraged to apply (http://iclas.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ICLAS-fellowship-Call1.pdf). You could be awarded with funding to stay some time at one of the host institutions.


“The quality of the experimental biomodels and its impact on biomedical research”

This conference aims to bring together scientists and technicians in the area of animal experimentation of the Americas, Europe and Asia with leading issues related to quality aspects of experimental biomodels used in preclinical research.
For information, visit www.iv-recr.ucr.ac.cr

An ICLAS General Assembly will be held in the evening of July 21, prior to the start of the scientific meeting.

Dr. Gilles Demers awarded ICLAS Honorary Membership 

Dr. Gilles Demers, former ICLAS President (1999-2011) was awarded ICLAS Honorary Membership. The award was announced by Dr. Patri Vergara, current ICLAS President, who summarized the very significant contribution of Dr. Demers to ICLAS during his presidential term. A summary of his achievements in the period 1999-2011 can be seen here.

Tribute to Dr. Harry Rozmariek 

During the ICLAS Consortium Meeting at the recent AALAS meeting in Baltimore, Dr. Gilles Demers, former ICLAS President, paid a emotional tribute to Dr. Harry Rozmariek. See it here.

ICLAS activities at 2014 AALAS Meeting in Baltimore

Those attending the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS, www.aalas.org) meeting, October 27 – 31, 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland, are invited to the following ICLAS events:

—ICLAS Americas Regional Committee open meeting, Monday, Oct. 28, 3:00-5:00 pm Hilton Hotel, Peale A-C
Learn what is happening in laboratory animal science in our member countries in the Americas.

—ICLAS International Consortium, Tuesday, Oct. 29, 9:30-11:00 am, Hilton Hotel, Key Ballroom 1-2
ICLAS’ key initiatives will be reviewed
The late Dr. Harry Rozmiarek will be honored
Dr. Gilles Demers will be presented an Honorary Membership
Member nation representatives will provide updates

—AAALAC/ICLAS International Luncheon, Wednesday, Oct. 30, Noon- 2:00 pm, Hilton Key Ballroom 7-8 (By invitation: international attendees who have registered for the meeting should have received an invitation to this luncheon) The 2013 Americas Regional Committee Travel Award Winners will be honored.

—Educational Program session “Quality Animals are Essential for Quality Research”, Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2:45-5:00 pm, Convention Center 321

—Educational Program session “Changes and Impact of the Revised International Guiding Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Animals”, Thursday, Oct. 31,12:30-2:00pm, Convention Center 339

—NOTE: On the first day of the meeting, there is a session for international attendees and for first-time attendees at the AALAS meeting: National Meeting Orientation, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. in the Convention Center.

European Fellowship Awards 2014 now open

The ICLAS European Regional Committee has launched the 2014 Fellowship Program. The first program was established in 2013 and three awards were granted. Calls are open for applicants, sponsors and host institutions. More information here.

Australian 2013 Code Released

The new Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals forScientific Purposes (2013) has been published. It is available at: http://nhmrccommunications.createsend1.com/t/r-l-btkdyht-jutylldkti-j/

Change in the function of ICLAS Secretary General

Dr. Cynthia Pekow, member of the ICLAS Governing Board has kindly accepted to take the responsibility of acting as ICLAS Secretary General “ad interim” until elections for that post can be held during the next General Assembly in 2015.

According to the ICLAS constitution:

‘ In the event of a vacancy during a term of office of a member of the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee may designate from among the members of the Governing Board, a replacement until the next General Assembly, which will be responsible for proceedings to the  re-nomination’

In consequence, the ICLAS Executive Committee asked Cindy Pekow, already Member of the Governing Board and representing AALAS (Scientific Member), to replace the Secretary General ad interim, and she accepted.

Obituary of Dr. Harry Rozmiarek, ICLAS Secretary General

It is with deep sadness that we have to announce the passing of Dr Harry Rozmiarek, ICLAS Secretary General, last Saturday 15 June. Obituary.


The 2014 ACCMAL-FESSACAL-ICLAS Regional Scientific Meeting will take place 22-24 July 2014 in San José, Costa Rica. It will be hosted by the University of Costa Rica. See the first announcement.

European Fellowship Awards

Three scientists were awarded the first ICLAS European Fellowship Program. Marina Krasilshchikova (Russia), Irina Belozertseva (Russia) and Florina Popovska (Macedonia) will be hosted by IDIBELL (Spain), Biomedical Research Foundation (Athens, Greece) and ICS (France). This program has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the host institutions, and specially of the sponsors: ALTROMIN, TECNIPLAST and SDS.

CIOMS and ICLAS release the new International Guiding Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Animals

Download the Principles

The 1985 International Guiding Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Animals have been revised by an ad hoc committee appointed by the Council for International Organizations for Medical Science (CIOMS) and the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS).
The revised International Guiding Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Animals reflect current best practices and standards of care in laboratory animal medicine and science and provide a touchstone or framework of responsibility and oversight to ensure the appropriate use of animals. They also may serve as a benchmark for advancing international collaboration in biomedical sciences.
It is hoped that international organizations and governmental agencies will adopt these revised International Guiding Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Animals and that they will encourage use by the scientific community worldwide.

The CIOMS principles may be translated into languages other than English, but any translation must include the following notice:
“Disclaimer: ICLAS does not guarantee the accuracy of this translation.”


Open Call for Organization of ICLAS Europe Region Joined Meeting in 2014

In 2014, the ICLAS European Region Committee (ICLAS ERC) is willing to organise a scientific meeting, in association with a national/regional laboratory animal science association. The objective of the meeting will be to help bring together European scientists working in the field of Laboratory Animal Science, improve their scientific and technical skills and promote their professional network. National, Institutional and Scientific members are encouraged to submit the application, following the available instructions.

ICLAS expresses condolences for the death of Dr. Tatsuji Nomura

Dr. Tatsuji Nomura, former Vice-President and Treasurer of ICLAS died on January 11, 2013 at the age of 90. Have a look at the obituary by ICLAS.

The ICLAS Ethics and Welfare Committee publishes Guidelines for Researchers

On 11-February 2013 the ICLAS Ethics and Welfare Committee has published in its dedicated page of the ICLAS website new ethical Guidelines for Researchers using animals.

Invitation to Apply for Co-organization of Scientific Meeting in 2014 in Europe

On 28- January 2013 the ICLAS European Regional Committee (ERC) has launched a call/invitation to apply for the co-organization of a scientific meeting in 2014, open to the current european ICLAS members and to the potentially interested european non-ICLAS members LAS associations.

The call and application instructions can be found here.

ICLAS ERC will select the most appropriate candidates on the basis of their application.
ICLAS ERC objective is to provide the necessary scientific & funding help to organize the meeting so that it will benefit the most to as many people as possible that need this type of event to improve their scientific and technical skills as well as their professionnal network.

Complimentary 2 Day Virtual Lab Animal Science Conference in February 12-13 2013 

ICLAS is participating as a non-profit partner at the seconf Virtual Lab Animal Sciece Conference in 12-13 February.

Key note speakers include:
Kathryn Bayne, MS, PhD, DVM, DACLAM, DACAW, CAAB Global Director, AAALAC International
Sherril L Green, DVM, PhD, Chair, Department of Comparative Medicine, Director, Veterinary Service Center, Professor – Med Center Line, Comparative Medicine,  Stanford School of Medicine
Paul Flecknell, PhD; Professor/Director, Comparative Biology Centre, The Medical School, University of Newcastle

You can register at: www.lasconference.com

FELASA-ICLAS Scholarships for the 12th FELASA Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 10-13 June 2013


FELASA and the ICLAS European Regional Committee (ICLAS ERC) are offering scholarships to young European laboratory animal scientists presenting an abstract at theFELASACongress to be held inBarcelona,Spainfrom June 10-13, 2013. For more information on this program, click here.

Fellowship training program launched in Europe

On 29 October 2012 the Europen Regional Committee of ICLAS has launched a regional fellowship training program to help laboratory animal science professionals from developing countries acquire new skills and knowledge. For more information on this program, click here.

New ICLAS Scientific Member from Russia

The ICLAS Governing Board accepted on 9 october 2012 the application for scientific membership from the recently established Russian Laboratory Animal Science Association (Rus-LASA). ICLAS welcomes the Russian colleagues and encourages Rus-LASA to keep working on improving laboratory animal science in Russia. Rus-LASA was established in 2011 and has already held 2 scientific meetings and is being very active in organizing training courses in the country. More information on Rus-LASA can be found at: http://ruslasa.ru/

First ICLAS Institutional Member

The University of Hong Kong has been accepted as the first ICLAS institutional member. The institutional member category was created to allow Universities, research institutes, or other non-commercial organizations that support the aims of ICLAS to join and contribute to the objectives of the organization.

Regional Sponsorship Programs for Travel Awards

The Americas Regional Committee has a very well established program of travel awards sponsored by Charles River, Purina and LabProducts. The objective of the awards is to give training opportunities at

The Europe Regional Committee is launching soon a similar program for the European countries. Already 2 sponsors have been identified (Tecniplast and Altromin).

All interested people can send an email to info@iclas.org . More information will be soon available in the ICLAS web page.

Translation of ICLAS Harmonization Guidance on Ethical Review into French

The ICLAS document on “International harmonization of guidance on the ethical review of proposals for the use of animals, and on the education and training of animal users in science” has been translated into French and published in STAL (Vol. 38; 2nd Trimester 2012), which is the only Journal on laboratory animal science that is published in French. The translation has been performed by Marion Berard, member of the ICLAS Governing Board and co-chair of the Europe Regional Committee of ICLAS.